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The IRONMAN RACING LEAGUE is now in its 7th season with the ULTIMATE DRIVING SIM, *rFactor*, and we are looking for mature drivers for our league...
This IRONMAN RACING LEAGUE was originated in 2001 in the Nascar Heat game and is still going strong today in rFactor.

What exactly is the IRONMAN RACING LEAGUE you ask? The IRONMAN RACING LEAGUE experience is what we like to call the ultimate challenge that tests overall driver skill in a varying environment of cars and tracks. Since there are so many great MODS and great Tracks for rFactor we like to change up the format every 10 weeks to keep the driving experience at its best. This is a great test of skill, with lots of FUN racing, and many good friends to be made.

So, here we are gearing up for round #1 of 2012 and another 10 weeks of great racing. We are going to use the *DRM Revival* mod. Are you ready for some quality racing? Are you ready to test your skill to be the ULTIMATE IRONMAN? Then this is the league for you... Spots are limited so sign up now.

League Starts January 14th, 2012

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